Diary view

The diary view

When you start the app (except you start it for the first time), HappinessPal will open the diary view.

Welcome screen

On this view you can check off your daily activities as you go along.

HappinessPal will keep track of your activity completion in the upper part of the view.

In the upper left corner you will find the button for the day settings. Here you can have three options:

  • Take off this day (or retract this setting). A day taken off will not break your streaks or be checked for your commitment(s).
  • Lock/Unlock this day (only available on past days). By default past days are locked for changes.
  • Reset this day. If for whatever reason you want to start the day over. All data created for this day will be discarted.

In the right corner you find a calendar button. With this you can change the day of the dairy view to have a look at past days.

If there is at least one to-do set to be due today, an additional button will appear, enabling you to prioritize the to-do(s) for the day.

At the end of the view you can track your today’s mood.